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Best Juicer To Buy

Due to the introduction of many brands or models of various products, consumers are often faced with the problem of deciding which are the best brands or models for them to buy.

When shopping for a juicer, it is good for them to know what is to be considered. It is of benefit knowing the kind of juicer that suits the type of juice that you are preparing.

Before buying a juicer, you ought to understand which is the best juicer machine to buy. Citrus Juicer is cheap to buy and fit for juicing only the citrus fruits.
Centrifugal juicers have higher speed and efficiency. They extract a lot of juice which is very safe and clean. Cleaning the appliance is very fast. It works by the use centrifugal force for the extraction of juice. This brand allows for juicing without the need for slicing. It is easy to be used by anybody.
In case you need quality juice, then consider buying the masticating juicers. They come with extras and this allows for juicing other products such as smoothies and nut butter. It is capable of storing juice up to 48 hours without losing their nutritional value.
Masticating twin-gear juicer is capable of producing the best quality juice than the single gear juicer.

There are many juicers available in the market and it is very confusing to consider which the best juicer to buy. One can decide to upgrade their current juicers in case they feel they cannot make to buy new juicers.

Do not stop your juicing experience but strive picking the right juicer. Having the right juicer reduces your juice preparation time.

It is also very crucial having a juicer that does not produce a lot of noise at the time of juicing. However knowing what it takes to buy the right juicer is the best thing.

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Choosing A Powerful Tool For All Your Cutting Jobs

If you happen to have the same passion about the art of cooking like I have, then you know how important tools our knives are. A good sharp knife with a steady grip is one of the secrets behind swift and effortless cooking. A blunt or dull knife can takes ages to complete simple tasks; moreover you run a risk of muscle fatigue with the kind of pressure you need to apply. A little flaw in precision and there goes fruits of your labor. Same stands true for the handle, if it feels uncomfortable to hold or seems too heavy, you cannot hold it for long.

So, our knife should be able to handle any cutting job, be it slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing or de-boning. A net total weight of the knife as well as the balance between the handle and the blade needs to be considered for holding it for long time. A well balanced weight distribution with ergonomic grip makes a difference to your cutting jobs. Size does matter if you have to chop large volumes of food. Too thin a blade or too much steel, both are not preferable. So, let’s make a pick and get ourselves the best chef knife.


The top Japanese chef knife: Misono UX10 – Totally rust resistant, these are highly pure Swedish stainless steel knives. The western style knife boasts of a razor sharp edge which they tend to maintain for a comparatively longer period of time than their counterparts. So, with such edge retention, you are not going to need knife sharpeners for a long time. The Rockwell hardness of HRC59 TO 60 offers the ease of re-sharpening. An unmatched example of fine craftsmanship, the streamlined design with a long and light blade is known for its precision in cutting. 8 inches blade is ice hardened for great strength and is sharpened on both sides. The bolster made of German silver, full tang black stamina wood handle, the comfortable ergonomic steady grip makes your cutting jobs a breeze. A chef’s powerful tool which slices, dices, cuts, chops and minces with equal ease. It fits in your hands comfortably even if they are big. So, for the importance that cutting jobs hold in the art of cooking, choose your powerful tool, Misono UX 10 CHEF’S Knife.

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The Common Complaints Found In Food Processors Consumer Reports


Deciding on which is the right food processor can be quite confusing, especially when there are myriads of products available with different features, pricing and claims. A savvy buyers would check food processors consumer reports before deciding on any products. If you were looking into buying a food processor this would be among the first thing you should do.

However, as any food processor ratings submitted by actual users you would notice a few common complaints.

  • Food processor is leaking

Food processing can be messy. Some food processors are best for dry ingredients. If you intend to use your food processor for liquid processing, you should take note of this particular complains in every food processors consumer reports. The leaks can happen during processing or even before you start doing anything.

Take note on the user reviews and find out whether the users manage to solve the leaks or not. It might not be the food processor problems. The users might not have assembled the parts properly. Leaks are not only frustrating but it can also be harmful; it can cause dangerous electric shock and it can damage the whole machine.

  • The results are not satisfactory

The main reason why people buy food processor is to obtain a better result than their current blender or mixer. New buyers also expect results that the manufacturer claims to be able to provide.

However, in food processors consumer reports you would notice that few user complaints that the ingredients were not properly processed.

Although it is true that some food processors are exaggerated but sometime, it is just due to the users over expectation. Do not expect a mini prep processor to work as good as the best food processor, which have more features and better parts.

There are other common complains in food processors consumer reports such as warranties, bad customer service, expensive parts and many more. Look into these aspects and decide whether those complains would be a problem to you or not. Look for choosing guide here.

Review website – Santana Foods

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Best Rice Cooker of 2013

Automatic rice cookers which whip out steaming hot rice are so convenient to use. The rice grains come out perfectly cooked in them and you don’t have to watch the cooking process for even a second.

Anyways, rice cookers are a handy addition in the kitchen and they come in a range of models, price points and are outfitted with a number of handy features. Here are a few of the best electric rice cooker reviews so that you can decide which one to buy.


Aroma rice cooker

This brand has an assortment of models in the market. The different models can have a capacity of 3 cups and many of them can even hold as many as 6 to 10 cups for cooking in one go. The stainless steel Aroma ARC-1130S Cool-Touch Rice Cooker has a one-touch operation and the Aroma ARC-150SB is a digital steamer while the red colored Aroma ARC-743-1NGR is quite affordable.

Sanyo rice cooker

This brand also has a range of lovely cookers. The green and white design of Sanyo ECJ-N55F Rice Cooker sprinkled with the green flowers looks absolutely fab. It can hold about 5 cups of rice at a time and even has a removable non-stick inner bowl, dew collector and a steam vent. There are two switches fitted in this model, one of them is a push button for preparing food, while the other one is a push down lever that keeps the grub inside warm. Then, the Sanyo EC-503 Rice Cooker and Vegetable Steamer has an easy to manage single switch panel and is just perfect for small families. Another one is the Sanyo ECJ-F50S Rice Cooker that uses fuzzy logic technology and has a LCD display.

Zojirushi rice cooker

Japanese cookers are obviously a hot choice and a well known brand in this category is Zojirushi. Some cool models of this brand are Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with a fuzzy logic technology, Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 Rice Cooker that has a cool digital display and Zojirushi NYC-36 Rice Cooker which has a stainless steel make.

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